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Heal Your Pet With Crystals

Amber - Improves vision and the throat, kidneys and bladder. This soothing stone will calm nerves and enliven the stick-in-the-mud pet to be a bit cheerier, while calming a hyperactive one. As well, amber is an excellent stone to hold while in the company of a pregnant or birthing animal.

Amethyst - This is a powerful all-around healer, improving hearing and the nervous and skeletal systems predominately. It also aids the digestive tract, heart, stomach, skin and teeth. It is a great help if your pet battles arthritis.

Aventurine - If you and your pet have just moved to a new location, aventurine is perfect for both of you. As it helps to strengthen your blood, lungs, heart and adrenal glands; it will also strengthen your desire to explore and get out. Aventurine will hearten your indecisive pet, and increase muscle tone.

Citrine - If your pet is moody, fearful or always awake while you wish to sleep, citrine is the stone of your dreams. This energetic stone will aid his/her digestive tract and alleviate fears, depressions and insomnia.

Jade - This is a stone traditionally held to increase one's lifespan, and to facilitate maximum comfort while the end is near. Jade assists the immune system, kidneys and heart, insures a healthy sheen to your pet's coat - all through his long life.

Lapis Lazuli - This stone protects, relieves and stimulates your pet. An all around "good vibe" stone, it also strengthens the throat, bone marrow and immune system; as well as relieving dizziness and occasional insomnia. Lapis is the strongest stone your can use to relieve the pain of leukemia and bone cancer.

Quartz Crystal - When you place a quartz crystal around your pets neck, not only will it increase his immunities, stimulate his thyroid, and decrease respiratory problems; it is also an excellent training stone. Quartz crystal amplifies communication between human and animals, and strengthens mental clarity. This stone increases capabilities of learning from one's master and teacher.

Rose Quartz - Use a rose quartz for your pet when it has been wounded, or recently undergone surgery. If your pet is aloof, lonely or isolated, rose quartz will help him/her learn the powers of love and gentleness. As well, if you are inviting a new pet into a full household, this stone will help spread the love equally, and facilitate harmony with all your animals.