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If you've never visited Abaxion for your ritual and magical supplies, you're missing a great one-stop mystical shopping experience. I window shopped the online superstore for years, oohing and aahing over new additions and seductive sale items - just wishing that life would get less expensive so I could afford to buy something new.

I managed to scrape together a few bucks of "me money" a few months ago, so I made a B-line to Abaxion; intent on purchasing a not-yet-obtained magical essential - a pentacle pendant.

I had thirty bucks and a mission. So, I dug in.

The site is well-organized, with an easy to navigate user interface and a categorized product directory on the main page. The selection is comprehensive and the prices are awesome. If I was rich, I'd drop a fortune there. But, alas ... for a poor little witch like me, the pendant would be today's only luxury.

Abaxion's selection of pentacle pendants is staggering - from simple, straightforward pentacles to open pentacles to everything in between - even a leather dog collar with a pentacle tag. Definitely something to compliment every style.

After an hour, I had narrowed my choices down to three - the Daily Wear, Deluxe Pentacle Coven or the Raven. But, it was when I ogled the small "new" icon on the page and clicked the Spirit Cat Pentacle that I fell in love and knew - beyond the shadow of a doubt - that I had to have it. Not only was it the simple pentacle that I wanted, but there was the added bonus of the cat.

I love cats!

I quickly added the pendant to my card and proceeded to the checkout. Shipping was $7.99, which was a little discouraging on my shoestring budget, but I reminded myseld that I deserved this gift and completed my order. I received a prompt and courteous confirmation of my order, with an itemized invoice.

I received the pendant in the mail within two weeks, and it was even more stunning than in the picture. The Spirit Cat Pentacle is a bold and sturdy piece that measures in at just about an inch; beautifully crafted and highly-polished. I wore this piece to Pagan Pride Day and everyone was just knocked out by it! If you're looking for a unique and impressive pentacle that pays homage to the divine feline, look no further than Abaxion.

Divination Spell

Divination Spell

Best Time: Waxing Moon

Fill a cauldron half-full of water and place it on a table where you can see comfortably into it while seated. Light 2 purple candles and a good divination incense; a combination of mugwort and wormwood work well. Arrange the candles so their light does not shine into the water in your eyes. Focus your attention on the bottom of the cauldron, your hands placed lightly on either side. Breathe gently into the water and say:

Cauldron, reveal to me that which I seek
Great Mother, open my inner eye that I may truly see.

Empty your mind as much as possible; remian relaxed while looking deep into the cauldron waters. The answer may come in images in the water, pictures in your mind and strong bursts of "knowing".

~Source Unknown~

Scrying Brew

1 cup water
3 teaspoons dried Mugwort(to contact our inner wisdom)
1/4 cup dried oatstraw (comfort)
1 cinnamon stick, 2 to 3 inches long (flavour)
Maple syrup, honey, or brown sugar

Use this brew not too often and with care. Mugwort is a powerful herb.

Boil the water, then add to a teapot into which the Mugwort, oatstraw, and cinnamon stick have been placed. Steep for at least 15 minutes. Strain and pour into a dark colored mug, preferably black. Sweeten with maple syrup, honey, or brown sugar, if desired. Sit comfortably in your Power Place with your mug. Sniff your Scrying Brew, feeling the steam, warm as breath on your face.

Take a sip and savor the earthy taste. As you sip, become aware of your breathing. Is it shallow or deep, quick or slow? As you drink, be with your breath without attempting to change it. When the tea is nearly gone, gradually turn your attention to the surface of the liquid remaining in your mug. Gaze at it without much effort, simply letting yourself be with the mug and the tea. The disk where tea meets air may look silvery if it catches a light's reflection. As you look, pay some dreamy attention to the thoughts that flash through your mind like fish. What are they?

All over the world, people are scrying and dreaming tonight. What images do you see? Take as much time as you can. You may want to leave the remainder of the tea in its mug on your kitchen altar as an offering for you long-forgotten kindred who knew how to perform this ancient ritual.

~Source Unknown~