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Be Good To Yourself Therapy

1. Trust yourself - your body knows what you want and what you need.

2. Put yourself first -you can't be anything to anyone else, unless you take care of yourself first.

3. Let your feelings be known -they are important to you and others.

4. Express your opinions - it's good to hear yourself speak, people don't have to agree with you all the time.

5. Value your thoughts - they are your thoughts and you are unique.

6. Take the time and space you need - even if others are wanting something from you.

7 Let yourself need something -even if you can't have it, it's OK to need

8. If you are scared, it's OK to let someone know - don't be isolated.

9. When you feel like running away -let yourself feel the fear , it's false evidence appearing real.

10. When you are angry, feel the anger - ask yourself what are you really feeling .

11. When you are sad, feel it - then think about what would comfort you.

12. When you are hurt, tell the person that hurt you - they may not know.

13. When you want something from someone else ask - they may not know what you want.

14. When you need help ask - if someone turns you down it's about them not you.

15. When you feel alone remember -there are people who want to be with you.

16. Live in the moment and let the future take care of itself - worry about the future takes your energy in the present.

17. When you want to say something loving to someone go ahead - don't assume they know. They may need to hear it.

18. When you can't think straight stop thinking - start feeling!

19. When you are in need of love reach out! - There are people out there who want to love you.

20. When someone seems grey - look for some colour.

21. When someone gives you something accept it - don't deny them their gift of giving. They may need to give.

22. When someone treats you badly - remember it's always about them.