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Rhiannon's House Blessing Ritual


Ritual Dress
Sage smudge & dish
2 white candles and candle holder
Blessed water
Glass of water
Bowl of water
glasses or dishes of salt

I: Ritual Bath & Dress

II: Call the Quarters


“Hail and welcome powers of the Earth
Powers of stability, security and fertility.
Bless my rite and protect this space.”


“Hail and welcome powers of Air
Powers of freedom, perception and thought
Bless my rite and protect this space.”


“Hail and welcome powers of Fire
Powers of love, healing and nature
Bless my rite and protect this space.”


“Hail and welcome powers of Water
Powers of emotions, feelings, and dreams
Bless my rite and protect this space.”

III: House Cleansing

Light the end of the sage smudge. Blow out the flame and blow on the embers. Go to each room of the house, and wave smoke in each of the four directions. Wave the smoke into the corners with the feather.

Say aloud:

“On this day, the (day) of (month), (year)
I clear this space of all negativity
And the energy of people or things
That have no purpose in our household.
I ask that this clearing be gentle
And that all of this energy be returned to its source.
May all that is not for our best and highest good be released with love and respect.”

Once finished with each room of the house, return to the room you started in. Take the sage smudge and dip it into the shallow bowl of water to douse the embers. Take a sip of water from the glass.

IV: House Lighting

Light a white taper candle, and shine the light into each of the four corners of each room. This will brighten the room.

Speak aloud:

“I fill this room to overflowing with light, love and happiness. May prosperity of spirit, wisdom and energy in all its forms fill this room into every nook and cranny. May only those who come from love and light be able to enter this room.”

Continue to each room of the house.

V: Portal Blessing

Return to the first room.

At each window or door, trace a pentacle of blessed water and say: “May this portal be sealed with this sacred symbol so that only that which comes from love and light may enter.”

Continue to each room of the house

VI: Salt Banishing

Return to the first room. Place a container of salt in a remote location. Continue throughout all rooms in the house, returning once again to the main room.

Say aloud:

“This home is a gentle and supportive environment.
I offer gratitude to the universe for making it so
Power of North, South, East and West,
Go in peace, until next we meet.”

So be it.
And it is so.”