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Black Moon

A Black Moon occurs when there are two dark cycles of the moon in any given calendar month. It is believed that the second dark moon of a time of great power within the spiritual world and any magick worked during this time is especially powerful.

Voodoo Love Perfume

Add cinnamon, sugar, a gardenia, and a small piece of coral to your favorite perfume to turn it into a Voodoo love perfume.


Seasonal Altar Adornments & Foods

Decorate Altar with evergreens (pin, rosemary, bay, juniper, and cedar) and Dried leaves. Appropriate Foods include nuts, apples, pears, cakes of caraway's soaks in cider, pork. Serve Wassail,hibiscus, or ginger tea to drink.

Decorate Altar with White flower (representing snowflake), or snow in a crystal container. Orange candle anointed with musk, cinnamon,frankincense, or rosemary oil. Appropriate Foods include all dairy foods. Sour cream dishes. spicy, full-bodied foods in honour of the Sun. Curries and all dishes made with peppers, onions, leeks,
shallots, garlic, or chives. Spiced wines and dishes containing raisins - all foods symbolic of the Sun - are traditional.

Decorate Altar with Flowers, buds, and blossoms; cauldron filled with spring water. Appropriate Foods include seeds (sunflower, pumpkin,sesame seeds) pine nuts. Sprouts; leafy, green vegetables. Flower dishes such as stuffed nasturtiums or carnation cupcakes. Fake carnation cupcakes: make spice cupcakes. Frost with pink frosting and place a fresh carnation petal on top of each cupcake. Stuffed
Nasturtium blossoms: stuff the blossoms with a mixture of cream cheese, chopped nuts, chives, and watercress.

Decorate Altar area with a small, potted tree inside the Circle. Make flower garland, string of beads, or small bags filled with flowers to hang from the tree in honour of the marriage of god and goddess. Appropriate Foods include dairy and dishes such as marigold custard and vanilla ice cream. Oatmeal cakes.

Decorate Altar with an herbal petition packet made up of herbs such as lavender, camomile, St. John's wort, vervain, or any other Midsummer herbs. All troubles, problems, and woe should be pored into this herb pouch, and then tied with a red string; to be thrown into the fire during the rite. Appropriate Foods include fresh fruits.

Decorate Altar with sheaves of wheat, barley or oats, fruit and breads, perhaps a loaf fashioned in the figure of the Sun or a man to represent the God. Corn dollies, symbolic of the Goddess, can be present as well. Appropriate Foods include bread, blackberries and all berries, acorns (leached of their poisons first), crab apples,
all grains and locally ripe produce. A cake is sometimes baked, and cider is used in place of wine.

Decorate Altar with acorns, oak sprigs, pine and cypress cones, ears of corn, wheat stalks and other fruits and nuts. Basket with dried leaves of various colours and kinds. Appropriate Foods include the second harvest's gleanings: grains, fruit, and vegetables (especially corn). Cornbread is traditional, as are beans and baked squash.

Decorate Altar with apples, pomegranates, pumpkins, squashes and other late autumn fruits. Autumn flowers like marigolds and mums. Appropriate Foods include beets, turnips, apples, corn, nuts,gingerbread, cider, mulled wines and pumpkin dishes are appropriate,as are meat dishes.


The Celtic Commandments

Give thou thine heart to the wild magic,
To the Lord and the Lady of Nature,
Beyond any consideration of this world.
Do not covet large or small,
Do not despise weakling or poor,
Semblance of evil allow not near thee,
Never give nor earn thou shame.
The Ancient Harmonies are given thee,
Understand them early and prove,
Be one with the power of the elements,
Put behind thee dishonour and lies.
Be loyal to the Lord of the Wild Wood,
Be true to the Lady of the Stars,
Be true to thine own self besides,
True to the magic of Nature above all else.
Do not thou curse anyone,
Lest thou threefold cursed shouldst be,
And shouldst thou travel ocean and earth,
Follow the very step of the ancient trackways.

~Source Unknown~

Planets & Their Spiritual Keys

SUN: { Spiritual Key: HARMONY }

He who constructs. The life giver. The Sun will burn away all impurities. It is the great leverer. Brings humility to one's enemies, clears away depression, aids in building up self confidence. Will give recognition and put you in the spotlight.

JUPITER: { Spiritual Key: MERCURY }

He who expands this planet is for all work dealing with
increase, rewards, abundance, tolerance, justice, joviality, extravagance, luck, gambling, idealism, wisdom, the ability to grow mentally.

MOON: { Spiritual Key: NURTURING }

She who mothers. Protectress from psychic and physical harm. Ruler of all hidden mysteries, and women's mysteries. Carries precedence over the tides of the oceans. Rules the home and keeps it together. For opening psychic doorways as well as protection.

MERCURY: { Spiritual Key: INTELLECT }

He who communicates, creator of languages, Tarot, and Magick. Analyzer opens doors, mobility, perception, success, the messenger of the Gods. He is a clever trickster so be sure of what you require.

VENUS: { Spiritual Key LOVE }

She who allures. The ruler of cash flow through the house of Taurus, and beauty and art through Libra. Her expressions are pleasure, art, music, beauty and affection. Mellow, peace making and sociable are Her harmonious actions.

MARS: { Spiritual Key DYNAMIC }

He who gives energy. Mars is the awakener and provides the drive for desire, initiative, adventure, war, and all projects that lack these qualities. Physical energy for healing is expressed through Mars.

SATURN: { Spiritual Key: WISDOM }

He who endures. The teacher, unrelenting, discipline, the Karmic balance through Libra. Introspection, perseverance, working out of Karma in the process of evolution, crystalization. Rules business and its foundation.

URANUS: { Spiritual Key: The AWAKNER }

He who perceives the present Spiritual consciousness. The Seat of intuition and altruism. Extremes and sudden change. Uranus destroys the constricting influence and crystalizations of Saturn. It displaces and overthrows the established attitudes which have outlived their usefulness. Revolutionary, original, erratic, eccentrics. It is related to intuitive knowledge.

NEPTUNE: { Spiritual Key: FAITH }

He who is the absolute consciousness. A higher vibration of Venus, it is receptive, passive and nebulous. Brings spiritual strength and opens psychic doors. Astral entities, artistic, creative from the Astral Realm.

PLUTO: { Spiritual Key: REGENERATION }

The higher octave of Mars even though its orbit is not in tune with the rest of the Solar system. Pluto's orbit covers the masses and has been a symbol of cleansing, healing, catharsis through destruction, disintegration and elimination.

Dream Walking Spell

To use this spell you will need to focus your energy for about one hour before you go to sleep. You should focus them on the person whose dreams you wish to enter. For a lot of people I suggest meditation, to focus their energies. Once you've done this, say the following before you fall asleep.

"By the eye of the moon let enter the realm of the time and allow me to open its doors so I may see the ideas of another."

Be careful with this spell because a lot of my friends used this spell and thought they were seeing some bodies true feelings and started to torment them about it so remember the difference between fantasy and truth.

By: devlinboshnaka


Egyptian Dream Scrying


Egyptian dream scrying may be traced back thousands of years. The
method used by the Egyptians was recorded in the Greek magical papyri
which were written between 200 B.C. to 500 A.D.

In preparing to use the Egyptian dream scrying method you must not
speak to anyone on the evening you plan to scy. You should remain in
silence after the setting of the sun.

Do not consume alcohol on that day or engage in sex. You must refrain
from consuming food for up to four hours before the scrying.

After having a warm bath you anoint your temples with olive oil. You
will need an oil lamp which must not be coloured red or bear any

Write on a short narrow strip of white linen with ink mixed with myrrh
the name of the dream God and the purpose for the dream scrying. Twist
the linen strip into a wick and insert into the oil of the lamp.

Place the lamp on a table beside your bed. Using the ink draw the
image of the dream God upon your left palm.

You must decide which God or Goddess you wish to use. Thoth was well
used with the Egyptians.

Light your lamp. Kneel before the lamp.

Concentrating on the image on your left hand recite the following
invocation : Thoth I invoke, blessed power of dreams divine, Angel of
future fates, swift wings are thine, Great source of oracles to human
kind, When stealing soft, and whispering to the mind, Through sleep's
sweet silence and the gloom of night, Thy power awake the sight, To
silent souls the will of heaven relates, And silently reveals their
future fates.

You need to concentrate on your question you wish to know the answer
to. Around your left hand wrap a piece of black linen about four
inches wide and about thirty inches long.

The black cloth is called "black" of Isis. Blow out the flame of the lamp.

Now go to bed, clear your mind and go to sleep. Have a tape recorder
beside your bed so that when you awaken you may recrd your dreams
while still fresh in your mind.

You will find that the dream will come to you in a voice that is clear
and powerfull rather than in dream images. Sometimes the message is
sent in cryptic form so take your time in working out the answer.


Facial/General Astringent

I just made a fantastic facial and general purpose astringent, so I thought I would share. Not only does it clean and disinfect your skin, but it's wonderfully tingly and it reminded me a little of the Bonne Bell 10-o-6 astringent I used in high school. Anyone else remember that?


10oz. rubbing alcohol*
2 oz. purified, distilled, spring or reverse osmosis water
15 drops Tea Tree oil

Shake well to blend ingredients, and then shake well before use. Your skin will feel fresh, clean and incredibly soft after using this astringent.

*I just waited until I used up about 1/6th of the bottle, and then added the remaining ingredients into the original bottle.

Bright Blessings,
)O( Rhiannon )O(

Quit Smoking Spell


3 small amethyst
3 large amethyst
Black wax
Candle Wick
Double boiler (an old pot and a coffee can work just as well)
Glass candle mold or candle mold
Patchouli oil

On the night of a full moon (preferably) or during the Waning Moon, make a quit-smoking gemstone candle. Empower three or more small pieces of amethyst and three or more large pieces of amethyst with the power to remove your addiction to cigarettes. Now make a black candle (this can be done easily by melting those cute little black six-inch household candles over low heat, and then pouring the melted wax into a glass container (which you have prepared with metal tab and wick).

Now add the three or more small pieces of amethyst to the melted wax in the glass container. You may also wish to add an appropriate oil, such as Patchouli, to the melted wax, to give it added power. Allow the candle to cool. You may wish to reserve a small amount of wax to "top off" the candle in case it caves in while cooling.

Once the candle is ready, you may begin the spell.

Place the candle on your altar and ring it with the three large pieces of amethyst. Light the candle and gaze into its flame. Visualize yourself being free from the addiction to cigarettes. Visualize your cravings dissipating. Visualize the toxins in your body being removed. Hold this visualization for as long as possible. Now allow the candle to burn down completely. You may wish to repeat this spell for added strength. You may make more candles, or simply use a black candle, ringed with amethyst stones. When the Waxing Moon period begins, this spell may be reinforced by empowering your amethyst stones with the power to keep you free from cigarettes and using them to circle a white candle. You may also wish to carry one of your amethyst stones with you to strengthen your magickal intention. When a craving starts, simply take the stone out of your pocket and rub it until the craving stops.

Remember that magick tends to build upon grows stronger with repetition...don't be discouraged if you have to repeat this spell several times...

~Source Unknown~

Calming Mojo Bag

Calming Bag (for anyone who needs added peace in their life)

*purple cloth
*black cord (for binding negative energy
*pinch of lavender (dried or fresh)*a few dried chamomlie flowers

It is best to make this charm bag on a Wednesday or Saturday.

Various Fertility Charms

Listed below are various charms to use and/or carry to help promote fertility.

*Carry a bag full of hazel nuts to ensure your own fertility.

*Other herbs to ensure fertility are basil, hazel, poppy, cucumber, apple, pomegranate, acorns, myrtle, and all other nuts.

*Men should carry a piece of mandrake root to ensure their won fertility and sexual prowess, while the jasmine flower does the same for women. The first seven herbs listed above can be added to food and take internally to ensure proper fertility, or they can be introduced into
sachets, as can acorns, myrtle and nuts.

*Bull Amulet ~ To increase fertility in women and men, wear a bull shaped amulet, or place on under the bed before making love.

*Fish Amulet ~ An amulet shaped like a pair of fish and made of gold or mother-of-pearl will increase fertility and virility, bring prosperity and offer you protection from people you hate or who have evil intentions.

*Goat Amulet ~ The symbol of the goat {sacred to Aphrodite and the Horned God} increases fertility when worn or carried as an amulet, and is especially favorable for those born under the sign of Capricorn.

*Ram Amulet ~ An amulet in the shape of a ram will increase fertility in women.

*Unicorn Amulet ~ The unicorn is a ancient symbol of chastity and protection, and it is fabled born was said to be used in medireview times as an amulet to detect poisons in the food or drinks of kings, queens, pontiffs and popes. To promote fertility or increase sexual magnetism,
wear any type of jewelry shaped like a unicorn.

Celtic Deities

With current trends toward the resurrection and reconstruction of the old religions, it would be possible to spend weeks writing about the various deities of each culture. There are many excellent texts available where you may study these in depth. It is important to note that modern day Wiccans, Pagans and Witches generally focus on the major aspect of The One, Goddess and God without breaking deity down into the many subsets shown here.

ANGUS MAC OG (Makohk) ((Ireland)) *God* One of the Tuatha De Danann. God of youth, love and beauty.

ANU (An-oo) / ANANN / DANA / DANA-ANA ((Ireland)) *Goddess* Mother Earth, Goddess of fertility, prosperity, comfort.

ARAWN (Ar-awn) ((Wales)) *God* God of the underground kingdom of the dead. Revenge, terror and war.

ARIANRHOD (Ari-an-rod) ((Wales)) Goddess Mother aspect of the Triple Goddess. Honored at the full moon, beauty, fertility, reincarnation.

BADB (Bibe) / BADHBH / BADB CATHA ((Ireland)) *Goddess* Mother aspect of the Triple Goddess in Ireland. Associated with the cauldron, crows and ravens. Life, wisdom, inspiration and enlightenment.

BANBA ((Ireland)) *Goddess* Part of a triad with Fotia and Eriu. They used magick to repel invaders.

BEL /BELENUS / BELINUS / BELENOS / BELIMAWR ((Ireland)) *God* Closely connected to the Druids. Science, healing, hot springs, fire, success, prosperity, purification, crops, vegetation, fertility. A sun and fire god.

BLODEUWEDD (blod-oo-eeth) / BLODWIN / BLANCHEFLOR ((Wales)) *Goddess* The maiden form of the Triple Goddess. Goddess of the earth in bloom, flowers, wisdom, lunar mysteries, initiations.

BOANN (Boo-an) / BOANNAN / BOYNE ((Ireland)) *Goddess* Goddess of the river Boyne; mother of Angus mac Og.

BRAN THE BLESSED / BENEDIGEIDFRAN (Bran) ((Wales)) *God* God of prophecy, the arts, leaders, war, the sun, music, writing.

BRANWEN (Bran-oo-en) ((Wales)) *Goddess* Goddess of love and beauty.

BRIGIT (Breet) / BRID (Breed) / BRIG / BRIGID / BRIGHID ((Ireland, Wales, Spain, France)) *goddess* Associated with Imbloc. Goddess of fire, fertility, the hearth, all feminine arts and crafts and martial arts. Healing, physicians, agriculture, inspiration, learning, poetry, divination, prophecy, smithcraft, animal husbandry, love, witchcraft, occult knowledge.

CERNUNNOS (Ker-noo-nos) / CERNOWAIN / CERNENUS / HERNE THE HUNTER ((Known to all Celtic areas in one form or another)) *God* God of nature and all wild things. Virility, fertility, animals, physical love, nature, woodlands, reincarnation, crossroads, wealth, commerce, warriors.

CERRIDWEN / CARIDWEN / CERIDWEN ((Wales)) *Goddess* Goddess of nature. Death, fertility, regeneration, inspiration, magick, astrology, herbs, science, poetry, spells, knowledge.

CREIDDYLAD / CREUDYLAD / CORDELLIA ((Wales)) *Goddess* Connected with Beltane, often called the May Queen. Goddess of summer flowers, love.

THE CRONE ((Known in all Celtic regions)) *Goddess* One aspect of the Triple Goddess. She represents old age or death, winter, the end of all things, the waning moon, post-menstrual phases of women's lives. All destruction that precedes regeneration through her cauldron of rebirth.

THE DAGDA ((Ireland)) *God* Protection, warriors, knowledge, magick, fire, prophecy, weather, reincarnation, the arts, initiation, the sun, healing, regeneration, prosperity and plenty, music, the harp.

DANU / DANANN / DANA (Thana) ((Ireland)) *Goddess* Probably the same as Anu. Mother of the Gods, Great Mother, Moon Goddess. Patroness of wizards, rivers, water, wells, prosperity and plenty, magick wisdom.

DIANCECHT (Dian-ket) / DIAN CECHT ((Ireland)) *God* Physician-magician of the Tuatha. God of healing, medicine, regeneration, magick, silver working.

DON / DOMNU (Dom-noo) ((Ireland and Wales)) *God* Ruler of the land of the dead and entrances to the otherworld. Control of the elements, eloquence.

DRUANTIA ((All Celtic regions)) *Goddess* Mother of the tree calendar. Fertility, passion, sexual activities, trees, protection, knowledge, creativity.

DYLAN ((Wales)) *God* God of the sea.

ELAINE ((Wales)) *Goddess* Maiden aspect of the Goddess.

EPONA ((Britain, Gaul)) *Goddess* Goddess of fertility, maternity, protectress of horses, horse breeding, prosperity, dogs, healing springs, crops.

ERIU (Err-i-oo) / ERIN ((Ireland)) *Goddess* One of three queens of the Tuatha Da Danann.

FLIDAIS ((Ireland)) *Goddess* Goddess of forests, woodlands and wild things.

GOIBNIU / GOFANNON / GOVANNON (Gov-ann-on) ((Ireland and Wales)) *God* God of blacksmiths, weapon makers, jewelry making, brewing, fire, metalworking.

GREAT FATHER ((All Celtic regions)) *God* The Lord. The horned god, lord of winter, harvest, land of the dead, the sky, animals, mountains, lust, powers of destruction and regeneration. The male aspect of creation.

GREAT MOTHER ((All Celtic regions)) *Goddess* The Lady. The female aspect of creation, goddess of fertility, the moon, summer, flowers, love, healing.

THE GREEN MAN ((All Celtic regions)) *God* See Cernunnos. A horned deity of trees and green growing things of earth. God of the woodlands.

GWYDION (Gwi-dee-on) ((Wales)) *God* Greatest of the enchanters, warrior-magician. Illusion, changes, magick, the sky, healing.

GWYNN AP NUDD (Gwin ap Neethe) ((Wales)) *God* King of the fairies and the underworld.

GWYTHYR (Gwee-theer) ((Wales)) *God* Opposite of Gwynn ap Nudd. King of the upper world.

HERNE THE HUNTER ((All Celtic regions)) *God* See Cernunnos, The Horned God, and Green Man.

THE HORNED GOD ((All Celtic regions)) *God* Lord of the wild hunt. The masculine, active side of nature. Earth father, growing things, wild animals, alertness, fertility, desire, physical love, agriculture, flocks, brewing.

LLYR (Thleer) / LEAR / LIR (Hlir) ((Ireland and Wales)) *God* God of the sea and water.

LUGH (loo or loog) ((Ireland)) *God* God of skills. Druid, physician, smithing, war, magick, commerce, reincarnation, lightning, water, arts and crafts, manual arts, journeys, martial arts, poets, musicians, historians, sorcerers, healing, revenge, initiation, prophecy.

MACHA (Maax-ah) ((Ireland)) *Goddess* Protectress in war as in peace, goddess of war and death. Cunning, sheer physical force, sexuality, fertility, dominance over men.

MANANNAN MAC LIR (Mannan-awn maklir) ((Ireland and Wales)) *God* God of the sea, navigators, storms, weather at sea, fertility, sailing, weather forecasting, magick, arts, merchants and commerce, rebirth.

MARGAWSE ((Wales)) *Goddess* Mother aspect of the Goddess.

MATH MATHONWY (Math math-on-oo-ee) ((Wales)) *God* God of sorcery, magick, enchantment.

MERLIN / MERDDIN / MYRDDIN (Meer-din) ((Wales and Britain)) *God* Great sorcerer, Druid, magician. Illusion, shape-shifting, herbs, healing, woodlands, nature, protection, counseling, prophecy, divination, psychic abilities, foreseeing, crystal reading, tarot, magick, rituals, spells, incantations, artisans and smiths.

THE MORRIGU (Moor-rig-oo) / MORRIGAN (Mor-ee-gan) / MORRIGHAN / MORGAN (Moor-gan) ((Ireland, Wales, and Britain)) *Goddess* Supreme war goddess. Queen of phantoms and demons, shape-shifter. The crone aspect of the goddess, great white goddess. Patroness of priestesses and witches. Revenge, night, magick, prophecy.

NUADA / NUDD/ NODONS ((Ireland and Wales)) *God* Similar to Neptune. God of the water, oceans, fishing, the sun, sailing.

OGMA / OGHMA / OGMIOS ((Ireland)) *God* Similar to Hercules.

PWYLL ((Wales)) *God* Ruler of the underworld.

RHIANNON (Hri-an-non) ((Wales)) *Goddess* The great Queen. Goddess of birds and horses. Enchantments, fertility and the underworld.

SCATHACH / SCOTA/ SCATHA ((Ireland)) *Goddess* The shadowy one. Goddess in the destroyer aspect. A warrior woman and prophetess who lived in Albion (Scotland), probably on the Isle of Skye and taught the martial arts. Patroness of blacksmiths, healing, magick, prophecy, martials arts.

TALIESIN (Tal-i-ess-in) ((Wales)) *God* God of the bards. Poetry, wisdom, wizards, music, knowledge, magick.

WHITE LADY ((All Celtic regions)) *Goddess* Associated with the Crone aspect of the Goddess. Dryad of death, destruction, annihilation.


Red for Love

The Gypsies say that to find anything red means luck in love. If you find a piece of red thread, red wool, a red button, or whatever, pick it up and carry it with you for luck. It serves as an amulet.

As you stoop to pick it up, think of the person you love and say:

Red is my blood
And red is my heart.
Lucky in love;
Never keep us apart.

The Dance of the Four Directions

The Dance of the Four Directions is a Native American way to become centered and balanced. The graceful and beautiful dance is from the Plains tradition and can be used to prepare yourself for deep work in the spiritual realms.

It helps you discover an important concept: you are the center of your universe.

The name of the dance is taken from the four mudane points of the compass: north, east, south, and west. Each direction has a certain property, certain symbolism.

North: the place of old age, the night, winter, earth, green or black, bear or buffalo

East: childhood, morning, springtime, air, white or yellow, an eagle or butterfly

South: adulthood, midday, summer, water, blue, a frog

West: middle age, evening, autumn, fire, red or orange, thunderbird

Additionally, there are the directions up, representing the heavens or the Great Spirit; down, referring to the earth or the Divine Mother; and center, which is the center of our own being, to visualize this, you might imagine that you are the center of compass, suspended between heaven and earth.

You are dancing in the heart of your universe, your feet anchored in the earth, with your head in the heavens, bringing in the energy along the horizontal points of the compass, and pulling this energy into your own heart.

It is a powerful image. To tap into the power of the four directions, simply align yourself with particular direction and ask it what you want to know. Each of the directions has many values, many symbols, which vary according to different cultures and customs. Those suggested are only a beginning.

The Dance

Always turn clockwise, or sunwise. Begin by facing whatever compass direction you wish to work with first. For this example, we'll start with West. The starting posting is a relaxed stance with your feet about six inches apart.

During the dance your feet will occupy an area about one and a half feet square. One foot will always remain in its half of that small space as the other foot steps out to greet the proper direction in sequence. Your hands and eyes will draw in the energy of the direction as your feet returns to its starting position.

Your hands are pulling in the energy of the direction, bring that energy into your heart. When you pull your hands in, cupped to hold the energy, bring your fingertips to your body until they touch the area of the thymus.

The exact location is not critical; if you wish to measure, it is approximately two hand-widths below your thyroid gland (located in the voice-box area of your throat). As your hands touch your chest, follow them with eyes to bring in even more energy. It may help to visualize a flowing light filling your hands, and in turn, filling your heart.

Step 1: From the starting position, step forward to the west with your right foot as far as is comfortable. Keep your left foot stationary (although the left heel will lift automatically as you step forward). When you step forward, push out with your hands from the leven of your heart, palms upward. As you bring your right foot back in line with the left, the starting position, turn your softly cupped hands back toward you and bring them back to touch your chest. As you do this, consciously feel the energy you are drawing into your heart or Anahata.

Step 2: With your feet in the starting position, twist your body a bit to your right and step our directly to the north with your right foot. Push your hands out as before, from the level of your heart, palms upward. As you bring your right foot back in line with the left bring the energy of the north to your Anahata. Create the sensation of vitalizing energy entering your chest area.

Step 3: From the starting position twist your body slightly to the left and step our directly to the south with your left foot. Draw the energy from out of the south into your Anahata as before.

Step 4: From the starting position, taking up your right foot, twist your torso completely around and step directly behind you with the right foot so you are facing the east. Your left foot remains in its starting position. Draw the energy of the east to your Anahata with your hands, as you lift your right foot and twist back around to return to the starting direction.

Step 5: From the starting position, draw energy from the east by lifting your left foot and twisting your torso, this time to the left so that you can step directly behind you. Your right foot remains stationary this time. Draw in the energy of the east to your Anahata as you move your left foot and turn to place it back in the starting position.


Bad Habit Charm

A Charm to Break a Troublesome Habit

You must take an white egg, and, through small holes made in each end, blow forth the contents from the shell. Plug up one hole with a little softened beeswax, then fill the shell, using a fine funnel, with sour red wine. Carefully seal the second hole with more wax, and in red ink write upon the surface of the shell the name of that plaguing compulsion you would be rid of. Take this egg in secret to a place where great rocks cover the ground. Stand there and say these words:

Halls of blood where life has fled
Walls of bone that close me round
I break thy reign, thy yoke I shed
I cast thy powers to the ground

Hurl the egg against a rock so that it shall burst into fragments and the contents be spilt upon the Earth. Then gather up the broken bits of shell, take them home, and grind them to a powder in a mortar. This charmed dust should be kept within a small jar, a pinch of it to be placed upon the tongue and swallowed whenever further treacherous temptations may appear.

~Source Unknown~

Splitting Clouds

In many parts of the world, one of the first lessons that a Shaman was taught is Weather working. Learning to control the weather is an integral part of a Shaman's training. A shaman was expected to call in the rains when needed, and if he couldn't, then he wouldn't get much respect.

Here is a technique called Splitting Clouds...It's really a very simple technique and most people can do it after a little practice. Go outside and pick out a cloud. Stare at it and take slow deep breaths. Do not force the breath, just allow it to be deep and natural. Now send out from your Third Eye (area in the forehead and between the eyebrows) a beam of white light to cloud. Visualize (with eyes open) the cloud splitting into two, and mentally command/will ill it to do so.

It may take a few seconds or minutes, but if this technique is done properly, the cloud will usually split. Once you have learned how to do this, you are well on your way to becoming a weather worker.

~Source Unknown~


Messages from the Animals

A Message Animal Totem is usually bringing you a self growth or spiritual message - like a wake up call or slap in the face. It will usually be a very unusual experience making it very powerful at that time and very impactual.

What animal surprised or startled you today?
What animal that you don't usually see, have you seen a couple of times today?
What animal entranced you today?

If you only answered one question then this is a message you should consider. If you answered the same animal to two question then this animal is your Message Totem with a very important message. Heed it's word quickly for the message is for now and today.

~Source Unknown~

Third Eye Amulet

Amulet for Opening and Balancing the Third Eye
(Brow) Chakra


4x4" Indigo colored cloth OR 3x5" Indigo drawstring pouch.
A small piece of Lapis Lazuli OR Blue Sodalite.
A small piece of Moonstone.
White yarn, twine or string.


Place the stones in your power hand.

Sit comfortably and do whatever meditation exercise you do that helps you ground and center.
Once centered visualize a beam of indigo colored energy radiating from your spiritual core and flowing from your center, down your arm to the palm of your hand and into the lapis lazuli or blue sodalite.

Once you feel the energy is into the stone, visualize a beam of white energy radiating from your spiritual core and flowing from your center, down you arm to the palm of your hand and into the moonstone.

Now focus on the energized stones in your palm and visualize the two color energies mixing and swirling together until they have become a pale shade of indigo.

Keeping this visualization of the colors swirling and mixing and moving, place them in the center of the cloth.

Visualize the colors flowing over and through the cloth, completely surrounding it.

Now gather the corners of the cloth to the center, making a small pouch. Bind the tops with the white yarn or string, leaving enough ends so that you can wear the amulet as a necklace if you so choose.

Place the amulet in your power hand and chant the following words, until you feel that the amulet is empowered.

"My third eye is opened and balanced.
I accept the gift of awareness.
I am able to see past illusion."

Place the amulet around your neck or in your pocket.

~Source Unknown~

Perceiving the Infinite: Using Your Psychic Gifts

Psychic experiences are a natural part of our everyday lives. People often have difficulty accepting that they have been blessed with psychic abilities because without a frame of reference it is almost impossible to identify an extrasensory experience and to distinguish psychic sights, sounds, and sensations from the projects of the unconscious mind. To some extent, every human being on the planet is clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient, although most people discover that they are naturally adept at one more than the others. When you trust in and take steps to hone your innate clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience, you will enter a new realm of being in which the universe, your higher self, and your spirit guides lovingly conduct you toward a more aware existence.

Clairvoyance, or clear seeing, is the ability to see with the mind's eye. An individual who has honed their clairvoyant abilities may be able to see in their mind's eye events in a remote location; to witness incidents that have yet to occur; or to perceive shapes, colors, and other images that are physically invisible. Clairaudience, which means clear listening, is the ability to hear sounds not physically audible. A person with the gift of clairaudience perceives psychic information as auditory resonance and may hear angelic voices, music, or other sounds. A clairsentient, or clear feeling, individual is able to sense physical, emotional, and spiritual energy in the form of seemingly unearthly scents, touches, and movements. Each of these psychic abilities can manifest themselves within us voluntarily or involuntarily. It is natural for us to have these abilities; we need only practice.

Developing your psychic talents is a matter of releasing your fear of seeing, hearing, or feeling inexplicable or disquieting stimulus. Before you attempt to consciously tap into your gifts, ground yourself to anchor your mind in the present to disconnect from any involuntary psychic experiences you may be having. Concentrate on your intuitive responses to the world around you and notice any sights, sounds, or feelings that enter your mind. If you trust your perceptions, you'll discover that each psychic impression you receive will be in some way relevant to your experience-even when that relevance may not be immediately recognizable.

Psychic Boost

Unexplained instincts and psychic awareness can be strengthened with magick. It only takes a few minutes a day to practice this spell, but it has great strength.

Sit quietly alone, relaxing your mind and body completely by listening to the sound of your breathing and heartbeat. Lightly touch the center of your forehead with your
fingertips and imagine there is an opening which is emitting a shaft of white light.

Repeat these words: "My thoughts are as strong as the rays of the sunlight. My vision is clear and I have second sight. "

~Source Unknown~



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