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Planets & Their Spiritual Keys

SUN: { Spiritual Key: HARMONY }

He who constructs. The life giver. The Sun will burn away all impurities. It is the great leverer. Brings humility to one's enemies, clears away depression, aids in building up self confidence. Will give recognition and put you in the spotlight.

JUPITER: { Spiritual Key: MERCURY }

He who expands this planet is for all work dealing with
increase, rewards, abundance, tolerance, justice, joviality, extravagance, luck, gambling, idealism, wisdom, the ability to grow mentally.

MOON: { Spiritual Key: NURTURING }

She who mothers. Protectress from psychic and physical harm. Ruler of all hidden mysteries, and women's mysteries. Carries precedence over the tides of the oceans. Rules the home and keeps it together. For opening psychic doorways as well as protection.

MERCURY: { Spiritual Key: INTELLECT }

He who communicates, creator of languages, Tarot, and Magick. Analyzer opens doors, mobility, perception, success, the messenger of the Gods. He is a clever trickster so be sure of what you require.

VENUS: { Spiritual Key LOVE }

She who allures. The ruler of cash flow through the house of Taurus, and beauty and art through Libra. Her expressions are pleasure, art, music, beauty and affection. Mellow, peace making and sociable are Her harmonious actions.

MARS: { Spiritual Key DYNAMIC }

He who gives energy. Mars is the awakener and provides the drive for desire, initiative, adventure, war, and all projects that lack these qualities. Physical energy for healing is expressed through Mars.

SATURN: { Spiritual Key: WISDOM }

He who endures. The teacher, unrelenting, discipline, the Karmic balance through Libra. Introspection, perseverance, working out of Karma in the process of evolution, crystalization. Rules business and its foundation.

URANUS: { Spiritual Key: The AWAKNER }

He who perceives the present Spiritual consciousness. The Seat of intuition and altruism. Extremes and sudden change. Uranus destroys the constricting influence and crystalizations of Saturn. It displaces and overthrows the established attitudes which have outlived their usefulness. Revolutionary, original, erratic, eccentrics. It is related to intuitive knowledge.

NEPTUNE: { Spiritual Key: FAITH }

He who is the absolute consciousness. A higher vibration of Venus, it is receptive, passive and nebulous. Brings spiritual strength and opens psychic doors. Astral entities, artistic, creative from the Astral Realm.

PLUTO: { Spiritual Key: REGENERATION }

The higher octave of Mars even though its orbit is not in tune with the rest of the Solar system. Pluto's orbit covers the masses and has been a symbol of cleansing, healing, catharsis through destruction, disintegration and elimination.