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Talking Stone Pouch

Stones do speak to you. Rock people have much to say. They hold the history of this earth. They find that many people just don't want to take the time to listen.

Here is something that everyone can do:

Talking Stone Pouch

Pick out 5 of your favorite stones. They do not have to be precious stones or even semiprecious stones. Any stone you are drawn to. Place them in a little (or big) pouch. Sit quietly for a bit and calm yourself and ground to the Earth Mother. When you are ready, pull one stone out of the pouch and hold it in your hand. Note its color, shape and any markings it might have. Notice if is cool or warm. Then listen. You can ask if it is female or male gender energy. Ask for its message and be prepared for some wonderful conversation. Keep a small stone journal and write down its message. After thanking the stone for its message and its existence in your life, set this stone aside and proceed with the next stone.

You can put sea shells in the pouch as well and as time passes, add several other stones and shells. When you want to hear them, just pick out the stones you'd like to talk with. You can choose any number that you are inclined to seek wisdom from. You can use six stones (four for the 4 directions/elements, and one in the center to represent yourself). Pull only one stone at a time from your pouch, and listen to 1 stone at a time. Pulling more than one stone can result in conflicting or confusing messages, as all the stones will try to speak to you at once.