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Valentine's Day and Love Divinations

Peel an apple in one unbroken peel and throw it over your shoulder; it will reveal the initial of your soul mate.

Brush your hair in front of a mirror on Valentine's day or Halloween and you will see the reflection of your future partner.

If you already have a partner and you want to know if they're the 'one', carve their name into a leaf and put it in your shoe overnight. If the initals are clearer they'll marry you, if not they won't.

If three unmarried women sit at a table at the same time and say "White Horses", one of them will be married within a year.

St. Agnes's Eve Maidens who fasted and prayed to this patroness of chastity and retired without eating their supper would eagerly expect to dream of the man they were destined to marry. An alternative method was to put a slice of wedding cake under their pillows before retiring.

Sprinkle licorice herb over the footprints of your lover or spouse....this will keep them faithful.

Mix cumin in your lover's food or drink to keep them faithful, especially if you're going to be separated from them for a long time

Brew Senna herb into a tea, mix in your lover's bath will also keep them faithful.

Place your fingernail filings into your lover's coffee or tea will keep him/her faithful.

Be careful using any of these methods ... and be careful what you wish for!