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Kitchen Tips/Kitchen Folklore

Kitchen Tips Hints & Other Magical Stuff
Various Sources

All purpose sifted flour is excellent for attracting money. Take a little pinch and spread it somewhere dark...under your kitchen counter, in the back of a cupboard, or under the sink.

Running out of salt supposedly foretells a loss of health or wealth. Always keep an extra box of salt that you never use on a high shelf to help ensure good fortune.

Fill a small jar with alfalfa and deposit it in the food cupboard. As long as it remains there, the family will never know hunger.

Use buttons, change, safety pins, or toothpicks in a jar to work on abundance and prosperity spells. Add an item each day to increase your prosperity.

Olive oil is a good substitute for any kind of anointing of candles and great for mixing with oils and powders to bless and anoint surfaces.

A clove of garlic sitting on the sink board draws illness away from the family. Don't eat it; instead throw it away every month and replace it with a new one.

Braids of garlic, onions, or peppers make a lovely decoration for your kitchen and also ward off negativity.

An onion on your kitchen windowsill will absorb ill will. When it starts to decay, replace it and throw it away. Do not eat it under any circumstances!

Leaded-glass crystal sun-catchers hung in a sunny kitchen window are excellent protective devices.

Chili pepper seeds are wonderful for protective magick and repelling. Wash them, let them dry out, an d then place them in a little glass jar with a lid. Bless your seeds in any way you wish. You can even make a label for your jar that reads "Magickal Pepper Seeds" or whatever you like. You can use the seeds to banish negativity from your home whenever you feel the need.
There are two methods for this:
1. Sprinkle a few seeds around your kitchen or home and then vacuum or sweep them out the back door.
2. Place some seeds in a mortar and ground them to a powder.
Sprinkle the powder where needed and the proceed to vacuum or sweep up. Discard out your back door.

When sweeping, remember to do so towards the fireplace, if you have one. If not, sweep in any direction except towards the front door. If you ignore this warning, you might remove your house's luck.

Take two needles, make an equal-armed cross with them and place the cross in a broom. Stand the broom behind a door and it will guard your home. When standing a broom in the corner, put its bristles up, handle to the floor. This not only ensures that the bristles will last longer, it also brings good luck.

All household work--from scrubbing stains in the kitchen sink to swabbing the floor with a mop to polishing wood furniture--should be done with clockwise motions. This practice imbues your work, and the object you're cleaning, with positive energy.

Next time it rains, hang one of your dishrags outside to receive the liquid blessings. Or, bury one outdoors by the light of the full moon. Both actions are thought to be lucky.

Salt water left out in the center of a room all night will absorb negativity.

Wash it away with flowing water the next morning. If you are on a septic tank, either pour the water into the woods or into a body of running water.

When cooking any type of food, add magick to your cooking by drawing an invisible pentagram inside your pots and pans with you finger, a wooden spoon or another utensil. This guards the pan and the food, ensuring its wholesomeness.

For good luck hang a "kitchen witch" doll in your kitchen to oversee and bless you! r magick al workings. You can purchase one or make your own.

Turn a ladder into steps for success by painting the ladder in bright colours and adding plants as decorative objects. Paint magickal symbols under the rungs to help your prosperity (and plants) grow. As the plants grows, so does your prosperity.

Grow an aloe plant in your kitchen. To soothe burns and scrapes, gently cut off a mature, fleshy stalk, thanking the plant for its sacrifice, and squeeze the gel from inside the leaf onto the wounded area. The aloe plant has magickal properties as well--it also guards the cook against food preparation accidents that can be very nasty. When using aloe gel in the kitchen, dab some onto major appliances, windows, doors, and tools to safeguard them as well.

When you purchase fresh herbs or gather them from your garden, cut the bottoms off and place the herbs in a nice vase in your kitchen. This not only brightens up the room, it adds fragrance, keeps the fresh herbs longer, and has the added benefit of reminding you to use them in your dishes.

If you are having trouble following a recipe or are feeling generally "out of it," take a whiff of rosemary. This herb helps to promote mental clarity and improve memory.

Sew herbs and magickal powders into the lining of your drapes. Place packets of herbs or powders under throw rugs.

A quartz crystal placed on or near the stove when cooking makes food taste better.

Copper molds can be hung on the kitchen walls to lend their rich colours.

Since copper is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, these molds also bring love vibrations into the kitchen.

Wash all the dishes every night if you work with faerie magick. The fairies don't like dirt and they won't let you sleep peacefully until the kitchen is clean!

Bells or wind chimes hung from the doors guard against intruders and stagnant energy. Hang them where the air currents can ring them. They will s! et up mo vement in the air and clear the psychic energy of your home.

Sieves, sifters, and colanders hung or placed around the kitchen for protective purposes will keep the kitchen secure.

A kitchen witch bottle can be constructed to protect your food from contamination. Put three needles, three nails, and three pins into a jar. Fill the jar with salt, seal it tightly, vigorously shake nine times and drip red candle wax over the seal. Then place it in the cupboard where it won't be seen.

If you wish to perfect your execution of a recipe, copy it in red ink. Lay this on a flat surface in the kitchen. On top, place a red candle in a holder and light the candle. Let it burn down completely before you try the recipe. As it burns visualize yourself cooking the dish successfully.

When you burn food, cut yourself, drop pots and pans, or experience a rash of accidents in your kitchen, this could indicate the need for a cleansing.

Before eating, place your hands on either side of the food and send energy to the food through visualization. Receive its energy back and then enjoy.

In setting the table, put the salt on first, and take it off last thing after the meal. The salt will guard the food and the diners. While dining with others, pass the salt with a smile.

Pass items clockwise around the table to bless them with positive vibrations and ensure that they are healthy.

Prior to eating any liquid with a spoon (such as soup or porridge), stir the bowl's contents clockwise three times, then withdraw the spoon and enjoy.

Turn your beverage glass clockwise three times before drinking to bless the contents.

Whenever you make a toast, be sure that the glasses clink. If not, the toast won't be heard by the higher forces.

Always leave a morsel or two on your plate, for tradition says that they who clean their plates will know only poverty.

The first time you use a new set of silverware, make a wish. Visualize the wish every time you lift a fork or spoon and the wish may come true.

For unity, have all those sharing the meal drink from the same cup.

Decorate foods and beverages with unique toothpicks, umbrellas, stirrers, and the like whose colour or imagery represents your goal; the item can then be carried later as an amulet or charm to keep that energy going.

Choose a bowl, plate, or placemat whose colour or imagery represents your magickal goal.
Arrange the food on the plate or platter in the form of a symbol to which you can relate while eating, such as a smile for joy.

Cut food into a symbolic image, such as a toast house that you consume while looking for a new residence.

Everyone manages to collect plastic grocery bags. Instead of stuffing them in a crowded drawer, fold and pack them into an empty tissue box covered in pretty self-stick paper. Then pull out as needed.

Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream preceeds the goal.

~Pamela Vaull Starr