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If you've never visited Abaxion for your ritual and magical supplies, you're missing a great one-stop mystical shopping experience. I window shopped the online superstore for years, oohing and aahing over new additions and seductive sale items - just wishing that life would get less expensive so I could afford to buy something new.

I managed to scrape together a few bucks of "me money" a few months ago, so I made a B-line to Abaxion; intent on purchasing a not-yet-obtained magical essential - a pentacle pendant.

I had thirty bucks and a mission. So, I dug in.

The site is well-organized, with an easy to navigate user interface and a categorized product directory on the main page. The selection is comprehensive and the prices are awesome. If I was rich, I'd drop a fortune there. But, alas ... for a poor little witch like me, the pendant would be today's only luxury.

Abaxion's selection of pentacle pendants is staggering - from simple, straightforward pentacles to open pentacles to everything in between - even a leather dog collar with a pentacle tag. Definitely something to compliment every style.

After an hour, I had narrowed my choices down to three - the Daily Wear, Deluxe Pentacle Coven or the Raven. But, it was when I ogled the small "new" icon on the page and clicked the Spirit Cat Pentacle that I fell in love and knew - beyond the shadow of a doubt - that I had to have it. Not only was it the simple pentacle that I wanted, but there was the added bonus of the cat.

I love cats!

I quickly added the pendant to my card and proceeded to the checkout. Shipping was $7.99, which was a little discouraging on my shoestring budget, but I reminded myseld that I deserved this gift and completed my order. I received a prompt and courteous confirmation of my order, with an itemized invoice.

I received the pendant in the mail within two weeks, and it was even more stunning than in the picture. The Spirit Cat Pentacle is a bold and sturdy piece that measures in at just about an inch; beautifully crafted and highly-polished. I wore this piece to Pagan Pride Day and everyone was just knocked out by it! If you're looking for a unique and impressive pentacle that pays homage to the divine feline, look no further than Abaxion.


Anonymous said...

I tried ordering from them and the experience was horrible. Advising people to buy from this online store will have a lot of people mad at you.