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Who are the Indigo People?

I have assembled here a list of some of the traits and potentials of Indigo people. There are many Indigo-ray souls reading this who are still trying to figure themselves out, and realize that they are different somehow, but don't know why. This work hopes to be of some assistance in sorting you out, and pointing you in the right direction. It is written primarily for the adult Indigos who find their way here (there are no accidents in the universe!), but applies to the younger Indigo children, too. The seeds of many of these traits are present in the children today, and will flower into full power when they make it to adulthood. These traits and characteristics are based partially on my own experience and Guidance as an adult Indigo, and from talking and reading and corresponding with other adult Indigos. Some are self-identified, others are not. I
use the word `we' collectively and "I" personally.

Who are the "Indigo" people? Why are we here, what purpose do we serve? Are we a threat, or an improvement? How can one `spot' an Indigo adult or child? Are you one? Your child? Someone you know?

The world is shifting and changing. Old paradigms and cultures are dying, superseded by brilliant new ones. A change is happening- the Apocalyptic mindset is setting, and the Ascension mindset is rising. The world as we know it is at a cusp between great Ages, and we are in a time of accelerated development as well as decay, both socially and spiritually. There is much confusion in the world, as the old ways try to maintain their grasp on power, and the new ways brighten the horizon and edge their way in. The whole result is an incredibly confusing mix of dogmatic rule-bound conservatism and rule-free hedonism and social anarchy. This explosive mix is evident in the Public World- road rage, wild children, indifferent parents, dogmatic
fundamentalist evangelicism, no-holds-barred radio and TV, and a previously impossible mix of stark prudishness and wild abandon. Even Rome wasn't this crazy when it fell- and they had lead poisoning as an excuse. As the Chinese curse states, we're living in `interesting times'- very interesting times. Headlines that would have shocked us a couple of decades ago now barely rate a raised eyebrow. The wonders of science increase at such a rate that what was science fiction last week is science fact this week.

Add to this volatile mix a new spiritual `species' of human being starting to make an impact on this world. They have been labeled "Electric Blue", "Cobalt", and "Indigo" by various channels
and prophecies, because of the high-frequency emanations of their particular auras. Every living being has one- a field of energy that surrounds, permeates and radiates from them. They can be sensed and even photographed with today's electronics. Psychically sensitive people have seen them forever. These field-sensitive people can `see' a dark electric blue -almost black- auric outline around these people. It is the deep, brilliant blue of the clear sky after the sun
has set, but before the stars appear- a terminator or cusp color. In the light spectrum, it is the next to highest visible band of light in the rainbow octave we can see. Highlights of violet, green, gold and white are also apparent. I was called `Cobalt'several years back by a sensitive Spiritualist medium in England, but the most popular current title is "Indigo". For the sake of brevity, I shall use Indigo also, but it applies to all people of this auric category.

Much has been made of the current crop of Indigo children being born, but Indigos of the current group have been incarnate for just over 40 years. The earliest Indigos born between the late fifties and late seventies had protective auric overlays of standard blues and violets
and tans, because the culture was not ready yet for the impact of `pure' Indigos who started appearing in the mid- eighties. These Elders possess the same capacities as the younger Indigos, but had a longer `latency' period. This was for their own survival and protection. Elder Indigos are just starting to come into their real power, and act as guides, role models, and tutors for the youngsters who are now manifesting. They had to spend some time in the Old World so they can help make the transition into the New World.

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