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Tea cup reading is a simple and entertaining form of divination. It allows great play of the imagination and so-called hunches. The reader has to interpret the shapes and forms that are made by tea leaves that remain after the tea has been drunk.

A white cup is preferred, but any undecorated pastel cup will do. The cup must be very wide at the top, the sides must slant, and the bottom not too small.

Use China tea or a very good grade of tea that has a minimum of tea dust. Tea should be brewed in a teapot without a strainer so as to pour sufficient leaves into the cup for a reading.

The person whose fortune is to be read has to drink the tea leaving a little in the bottom of the cup. With the left hand, take hold of the handle and slowly move the cup around from left to right, three times. This should distribute the tea leaves around the sides of the cup, sometimes reaching the rim, and still have a few on the bottom.

Time is determined by the parts of the cup. The rim represents the present or things that may happen within a few days or weeks. The sides predict the future. The bottom predicts the very distant future.

The leaves, stems, and tea dust take on various forms around the inside of the cup, and these are called symbols. They denote fortunate or adverse happenings.

The handle of the cup represents the house or surroundings of the consultant; therefore the closer a symbol is in relation to the handle, or house, the sooner the event may take place.

Numbers represent time such as minutes, hours, days or weeks, depending upon the relativity of the other symbols.

Letters of the alphabet mean people such as relatives, friends or associates. The closer to the handle, the more importance. Dots formed by little specs indicate a journey. Larger dots, money gained through extra effort.

Wavy lines, uncertainty. Straight lines, plans must follow a pattern or definite course.

Clear symbols are considered very lucky. Poorly outlined, indecision or obstacles that hinder progress, or contentment. Stars and triangles...fortunate. Circles...success. Squares...protective.