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Primal Scream Therapy

Every man and woman is made up of a complex system of needs, desires, emotions, and perceptions that thrive on being acknowledged. When these are not acknowledged, not fulfilled, there is often unrecognized pain or tension. The force of this repression has a powerful influence not only on the mind, but the body as well, contributing to illnesses and emotional distress. Primal screaming helps people to dig deep within themselves, to re-live and to release the pain and tension long held inside. The act of screaming, which has the power to carry us back to our emotional roots, can offer a means to experience, and finally express, the deep rooted source of discomfort. The aftermath holds only the memory, not the suffering.

Primal screaming is simple and can be done alone, by anyone, inside or outside. Each individuals primal experience is different because our memories differ. You can begin by focusing on a particular negative memory or experience, and bring forth the feelings that resulted. As your emotions guide you, you may want to scream loudly, or simply cry out. The physical action of screaming can release further pain and tension; negative experiences, possibly forgotten, might rise to the surface. Acknowledging this long-buried discomfort in a personal way frees your emotions from the shackles of negativity, and opens the door to a wondrous range of positive emotions, self-awareness, and contentment. At the same time, emotional trauma can have an intense effect on hormonal balance, the immune system, and other systems of the body. During primal screaming, the release of the core distress can be liberating for the body as well as the spirit, and physical symptoms can be relieved!

Through primal screaming, it is possible to connect with parts of oneself that have gone unrecognized for many years and to access feelings and memories that have been long hidden. Society often demands that we quiet our negative reactions, rendering it invisible and unacknowledged. Primal screaming is an outlet that can heal the soul, helping negative feelings give way to genuine emotional freedom.

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