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Prayer Bowl

A Prayer bowl is used to listen to your prayers, wishes, and thoughts, and carry them into the other the astral dimension. They can be used to make any room more spiritual, without causing to much attention. They are good for the workplace, because to co-workers, it is just a decoration, and for you, it is a magical tool. The feather would be one that means something to you, perhaps a feather of your power animal, and a feather of a power animal that you relate to. The crystals can be anything, from clear quartz for focusing energy, to hematite for healing. These things can be looked up in various books.

A Prayer bowl is a fairly simple object to make. Take a small bowl that you like, a feather that means something to you, some crystals, and some dirt. Put the dirt into the bowl, put the crystals on the dirt, and place a feather in it.

After it is put together, empower it to listen to your prayers. In a dim light room, preferably candle lit, gaze at the feather. Concentrate on what this prayer bowl is going to do for you. Think about the bird that the feather came from, the views of the world that it must have seen. Thank that bird for giving of itself so that you may have this prayer bowl. Next, think about the crystals, and what they mean for you. Visualize them in their natural environment, deep in the Earth, and thank them for coming to you for this prayer bowl. In the Americas, crystals and gemstones are known as "stone people".

After the prayer bowl is empowered, place it in an appropriate spot. A good place is near a window, so the bowl can get sunlight. Also, the feather can hear the calls of the birds.