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Psychic Abilities

Psychic abilities (Also known as Extra Sensory Perception. Aka ESP) are abilities to do things which are achieved by using more of your brain. Every human being is capable of these abilities. It comes easy to some but after practice and dedication everyone can achieve it.


The definition of precognition is the supposed perception of an event, condition etc. before it occurs by psychic powers. This definition could not become anymore correct. You may not believe it but almost everyday you experience this psychic ability. It could just be a simple feeling about someone. Or you think about a certain song and then it plays on the radio! The below things are signs of precognition.

1. A strong feeling about someone that turns out to be true.
2. Thinking about something and it happens.
3. A strong vision or thought that drains your energy.


Telekinesis is the ability to move objects with your mind. Ever seen Carrie? Well its sort of like that but not as powerful. Telekinesis is the one power that is not found in everyday life unless you are born with this ability. It takes weeks to be able to move the smallest thing but it can be done. There is no explanation for Telekinesis... Scientists don't know what to think.. Well the below steps are hit that you have natural Telekinesis.

1. When you are full of emotions something happens. Door slams or an object falls over.
2. When you are meditating or if you are deeply relaxed objects move or lights flicker.
The list goes on forever!!! But if any of the signs (Or signs like it) happen to you, you should nurture your amazing ability!!

One of the only ways to develop Precognition is to affirmate. Every day say to yourself I will learn and hone the powers of Precognition! You can change this around if you like. After a while of affirmation you should become better at it and have more abilities in Precognition. Another technique is to learn "Ki". Ki is utilizing the energy around you and able to use your own life force for your purposes.


Telepathy is the communication between minds other than normal sensory channels. Telepathy is as common as Precognition. Ever been thinking about something and someone brings the topic comes up? Well that is Telepathy. It is believed that it is involved with brain waves which is a legit assumption

To develop Telepathy you need a friend. Preferably one that won't ask too many questions about what you are doing. At first I suggest you be in the same room. Now the person who is going to be sending the message, think of what you want to send! Just imagine a beam of light connecting your friend and you at your Third Eye. (Like Third Eye to Third Eye) Then release the thought!! Make sure the receiver does NOT have his/her mind clear. If their mind is clear they will probably block out the thought/image. Once the person thinks they have received the image have them tell you what they think it is. If it is correct try moving farther away from each other. See how far you can go.