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Bad Habit Charm

A Charm to Break a Troublesome Habit

You must take an white egg, and, through small holes made in each end, blow forth the contents from the shell. Plug up one hole with a little softened beeswax, then fill the shell, using a fine funnel, with sour red wine. Carefully seal the second hole with more wax, and in red ink write upon the surface of the shell the name of that plaguing compulsion you would be rid of. Take this egg in secret to a place where great rocks cover the ground. Stand there and say these words:

Halls of blood where life has fled
Walls of bone that close me round
I break thy reign, thy yoke I shed
I cast thy powers to the ground

Hurl the egg against a rock so that it shall burst into fragments and the contents be spilt upon the Earth. Then gather up the broken bits of shell, take them home, and grind them to a powder in a mortar. This charmed dust should be kept within a small jar, a pinch of it to be placed upon the tongue and swallowed whenever further treacherous temptations may appear.

~Source Unknown~

Splitting Clouds

In many parts of the world, one of the first lessons that a Shaman was taught is Weather working. Learning to control the weather is an integral part of a Shaman's training. A shaman was expected to call in the rains when needed, and if he couldn't, then he wouldn't get much respect.

Here is a technique called Splitting Clouds...It's really a very simple technique and most people can do it after a little practice. Go outside and pick out a cloud. Stare at it and take slow deep breaths. Do not force the breath, just allow it to be deep and natural. Now send out from your Third Eye (area in the forehead and between the eyebrows) a beam of white light to cloud. Visualize (with eyes open) the cloud splitting into two, and mentally command/will ill it to do so.

It may take a few seconds or minutes, but if this technique is done properly, the cloud will usually split. Once you have learned how to do this, you are well on your way to becoming a weather worker.

~Source Unknown~